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  • This years light count is 71398 and breaks down as follows

    • 30218 Incandescent Mini Lights

    • 29288 LED Mini Lights

    • 764 Incandescent C9 Bulbs

    • 1710 LED C9 Bulbs

    • 4438 Rope Lights

    • 4950 RGB Lights

    • 30 Other (flood lights and strobe lights)

  • We are currently at 48% LED light usage.  A majority of the incandescent mini lights are in the arches and the porch spindles.  Almost have enough LEDs to redo the arches and 2014 may bring new porch spindle lights.

  • If all the strings of lights were lined up from end to end they would stretch well over 4.2 miles.

  • To hook up all the lights over 300 extensions cords are used stretching more than 7000 feet.

  • If all the lights were turned on at once it would take 238 amps of power.  This is according to the amperage listed on each set of lights.  Fortunately I have 400 amps of power in the garage just waiting to be tapped into.

  • 1000 feet of Cat5 cable is used to hookup all the controller boards.

  • It takes 18 days to put up and hookup all the lights.

  • And about 3 or 4 days to take down and store them all.

  • The electric bill is not as much as you would think.  My December bill is about $60 more than my November bill. Which is much better than the $250 bill I would get when the lights were always on. 



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